Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Trends in 2018

Top Fice Marketing Trends in 2018

Foodtech, Fintech – perhaps the most fashionable words in the business jargon of 2017. We are used to talking about the introduction of digital technologies into the classic business in the context of optimization (CRM) and promotion (advertising, …). Here we are talking about a phenomenon that is usually called “Uberization”. The emergence of platforms that radically transform the entire market. As happened in the situation with Uber. Food delivery and ordering, medicine, and even the banking sector are waiting for tectonic shifts. They will be similar to what happened in the transportation market.

If you plan your marketing strategy right, this opens up great business opportunities. For example, restaurants create a separate menu (usually simpler and cheaper). It‘s focused solely on delivery. The kitchen of the establishments works even when the halls are empty. However, there are risks. Already, the commission of delivery services reaches 50%. The business has several key questions that need to be answered:

  • Change your marketing strategy or keep aloof to the last?
  • Develop your platform (expensive and risky) or become part of a third-party (cheap and often even more risky).

What to do in terms of digital marketing? Put yourself in the place of a taxi driver or a small taxi company. What if Uber comes to your industry tomorrow? Now in HoReCa it’s already happening.

2018 Marketing StrategiesPhone Camera as a second keyboard

The key feature of the iPhone X is the face recognition feature of the owner. The public, as usual, has many complaints – both in terms of reliability, price and generally the demand for this whole story … but the step has already been taken. And a big step. The camera replaces passwords and serves as an identifier that allows you to unlock the phone. You can even make a payment. The user begins to understand that you can enter a query using the image – it is quick and convenient.

From the developers side:

We see the availability of tools like Google Tensor Flow and Clarifai. These are artificial intelligence libraries that “out of the box” recognize objects in a photograph, indicate their types, colors and some properties. A neural network can be taught to distinguish between specific objects in the picture – food, phone models or clothes. Thus, the camera becomes the input language.

See for yourself:

just take a picture of your favorite bottle of wine, and the store’s application itself (with the help of its marketing agency strategy) will find it in the database and offer to buy it. Or in the interior sphere: take off your favorite picture from Instagram – and get from the catalog the pieces of furniture depicted in the photo or the closest analogues – marketing department ideas turned into user action. All this was possible to realize before, but only large technology companies could afford it, now the image recognition functions can be available in projects with an average budget.

What to do? Search for a Digital Marketing Agency  able to adjust their regular strategy to match New Marketing Trends.

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