Your Business' Web Analysis

Your online presence will be checked and a simple, step by step affordable solution how to increase traffic to your web site or social media accounts will be offered

Your Web Site:
SEO Friendly

If you already have an web site, it will be optimized to make sure there is a targeted traffic increase and it will result in more sales. No web site yet? You can get one in a week

Pay Per Click Marketing

The necessary evil when it comes to put your product in front of buyer's eyes. Banner exchange and local adds are also steps to help your marketing strategy

Copy Writing: Blog Content

20 % of the marketing strategies bring 80 % of the sales increase, but knowing what actually worked will significantly reduce future marketing cost

Your Social Media: Enhanced View

It's a social world now and staying away from the social networks could limit your target audience to a level you only deliver your product or service locally

Your Content: Fine Tuned

Sometimes things need a look from a different angle and it often reveals something small just needs adjustment in order the whole strategy to work

simple answers

Simple answers to your marketing questions

Make sure you understand what is going to be done and how will it be achieved before we start.


Your customers don’t need to spend time figuring out what to do. Web site you get will focus on their ease of use. Happy customers = more sales & loyal clients. 

Mobile phones still get most of the time spent online. You web site will look equally good on all platforms.

Another favourive strategy here. All steps are planned and done at the right time.

To touch and feel a piece of paper, nothing will second that. Brochures & Flyers are still one of the most cost effective marketing channels.

"Have you ever felt held back by lack of access to marketing solutions that bigger corporations use, simply because they are not affordable to small business owners like you? Well, I work with determined and driven entrepreneurs, who deserve organic reach on social media platforms. "
Kalina Petrova

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