Web Site Design

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By purchasing this service you will receive a fully working web site. Up to 5 pages with images, contact forms, text info and much more. 

Hosting and domain are not included in this offer.  

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Web Site Design.

If you own a business and still have no web site – this product is for you.

In no time you’ll get a fully working web site featuring your business and will start to increase your customer base. People spend most of their time online and it’s vital your product/service could be found there. 

Building a Small Business Web Site.

WordPress is a SEO friendly platform and with a little help, once finished, your small business website could be easily managed without spending too much time. 

We could do that for you too – just check our online presence subscription plans.

Web Site Design – What It Includes:

Using various shortcuts to present your business statistics, so that all important data is well communicated to your audience. As a result, your existing and potential customers will have an enjoyable journey through your web site. Certainly, making a good first impression.

Those could include:

  • Testimonial carousels
  • Client Carousels
  • Skill pie charts
  • Article Boxes
  • Count Boxes
  • Statistics
  • Process Steps
  • Call to Actions


Moreover, ensuring a good web site navigation is a number one priority, when designing it. In other words, your web site should constantly act as a digital salesperson.

Visuals, that improve web site navigation include:

  • Showcases
  • Sliders
  • Blog Masonry
  • Blog Calendars
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video Presentations


In addition, including different tables and visuals will help your audience understand your products and services better. As a result, they might be more likely to make a purchasing decision.

For example:

  • Product Categories
  • Product Comparison
  • Pixflow Price Boxes or Tables

    To sum up, once you develop a successful content marketing strategy, then present it in the best possible way through a well designed web site, which is Search Engine Optimized, as a result you will significantly increase your customer database. 

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