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Let's create some simple, easy to follow steps, that lead to your success

Habit vs Goals – our next favourite principle in digital marketing (after PARETO, of course).

Instead of setting big goals, I prefer creating a daily/weekly marketing routine. Small steps, done regularly lead to much more than going full speed for a short period. 


Let’s create some simple, easy to follow steps, that lead to your success



Creating a marketing habits simply consists of these 5 small steps:

  • current status analysis
  • possible cources brainstorming
  • A/B testing & decision
  • small steps scheduling
  • small steps routine start


Sounds like fun, isn’t it?


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Simple marketing ideas that work when done step by step

You have probably heard of the Pareto Principle. Simply put 20% of the efforts produce 80% of the result.

What does that mean to your marketing strategy? Focus on the 20. Get more done with less time and money. Time and money saved is your bonus 🙂

You get more time to focus on enjoing the results, letting me handle the repetitive, boring steps.


Think about it and when you decide to take a step, simply click:

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