3 Tips for Successful Content Marketing Strategy

3 tips for successful marketing strategy

It might be difficult for brands to get heard in the marketplace, owing to the abundance of information available to customers. Thus, you should get an understanding of how to develop a successful content marketing strategy.

While quality, expert content is, indeed, an important element, here are three essentials tips for running a successful digital marketing strategy.

An in-depth understanding of the Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel is a theory, describing prospects’ journey to becoming customers.

Successful Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Successful Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Source: Pronto Marketing, 2018

Identify Customer’s Buying Journey:

In a perfect scenario, their journey would perhaps start by seeing an advertisement that brings them to your website (Attract). Hence, they are likely to share their contact information, in order to get a special offer that turns them into leads (Convert). Soon after, they could become paying customers (Close), who are loyal and likely to refer your brand (Delight).

When planning your Content Marketing Strategy, start by identifying your own customers buying journey as well as their questions and concerns at different stages. Get in their shoes and think about where would they look for that information – your website, social media, etc. and act accordingly.

It is suggested that the majority of educational content (thought leadership) is presented to people who are aware of your service, but not ready to buy yet, meaning they are at the Top-of-Funnel (TOFU).
Gating Strategy

Collect Contact Info

As your thought leadership is mainly presented to your new prospects at an early stage of their buying journey, it could be a good opportunity for you to collect their contact information by adding a form that asks for their name and email address, for instance.

So, it might not be a good idea to add the form straight after they visited your website, as they have not yet showed any intention of purchasing. However, once they want to access some of your educational content (high-volume content assets) that shows they are interested. That could be the moment to add a gating form. They are willing to provide personal information in order to get access.

Marketing Strategy Tip 3

Another tip includes placing your high-volume content assets on third-party websites, often gated with a form. However, always use reputable vendors, so that you maintain your customers’ trust.

That could get you many new Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) and Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) leads, who could potentially become paying customers.

However, having downloaded the given paper/case study, they show interest in the industry, not in your particular products/services.

Thus, you should consider having a follow-up approach that could either focus on the content itself, your product or both.
A sales email, adapted specifically for content syndication could include:

Reference to the particular content asset;
Invitation to prospects to call/email with any questions;
Introduction of additional resources;
Inclusion of a further Call to Action (CTA).


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