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Your Business also deserves fresh marketing ideas to keep growing

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Your Business needs fresh, but affordable marketing ideas to continue growing

  • Are you a business owner, trying to cope with current market difficulties?
  • Is your time mostly spent to keep the current customer base
  •  Are you looking for a ways to turn casual customers into loyal followers?
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If you struggle to find a Marketing Agency to help you but still do not want to break the bank?

Look no further – as I’m starting my own business you’ll get a first class service at a very affordable price.

No templates and ready made solutions offered – just unique research and proven techniques learned in my 3 years at Westminster Business School.

New marketing products design and launch is what I currently do. Among my clients is a Marketing Department of a famous 120 years old company. It’s so exiting to combine new ideas with tradition.

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SEO of your company’s web site is a cruicial step in turning visitors into customers and loyal clients.


Social Media as a major part of modern digital marketing can surely make or brake your brand identity.


The way customers see you as a brand is often quite different than what owners expect.


Content marketing and blogging still has a leading role in modern digital marketing strategy.

"Have you ever felt held back by lack of access to marketing solutions that bigger corporations use, simply because they are not affordable to small business owners like you? Well, I work with determined and driven entrepreneurs, who deserve organic reach on social media platforms. "
Kalina Petrova
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